Workplace health and safety is not only important to every Australian business it’s a legal requirement to comply with government regulations.

G Force Printing have been supplying industrial printing such as Take 5 Books and other safety and operational documentation since 1995. We see the biggest demand come from mining, construction, marine and transport companies across Perth and Australia. These customers return to us time and time again because we are fast and efficient in providing them with what they need and our staffs focus on attention to details is critical for such important documentation.

It’s suggested as good practice to record risk management activities and for high risk activities it’s mandatory to keep these records for a certain length of time.

Make sure your employees have the tools required to identify hazards, assess risks and record these activities to ensure they are safe and your business is covered.

Our custom range of industrial printed products includes:

We can suggest standard production specifications but our approach is not one size fits all. We specialise in adapting products to match the unique requirements and internal systems of your industry/business.