Custom printed workplace safety tags are essential for any workplace, to ensure minimal downtime and the safety of employees. Safety Tags help ensure your workplace is OH&S compliant and remains productive. This is vital for any business with the potential to expose employees to the risk of injury or illness caused by dangerous or faulty machinery and equipment.

Also known as lockout tags, safety tags are a fundamental part of any basic safety process. Essentially they’re a well-known warning system that notifies employees of potential risks or hazards.

Every workplace is different so a generic safety tag won’t be a perfect fit for the unique conditions and procedures of your business. G Force Printing specialise in custom safety tags. You can tailor everything from the size of your tag to the material/substrate they are printed on, the colours and information printed on them down to the type of eyelets used.

Kinds of Safety Tags:

  • Danger Tags
  • Out of Service Tags
  • Repaired Tags
  • Information Tags
  • Warning Tags
  • Personal Isolation Tags
  • Master Isolation Tags
  • Danger: Do Not Enter Tags
  • Service Reminder Tags
  • Due for Maintenance Tags
  • Danger: Do Not Operate Tags

Due to advancements in digital printing it is now affordable to print custom safety tags in any quantity. So whether you need 50 tags or 50,000 you can reap the benefits of them being uniquely designed for your business needs.

Some standard options for safety tags include::


By far the most popular for material for printing safety tags is synthetic paper which is waterproof, stain and tear resistant and comes in a variety of thicknesses. Previously this was only suitable for offset printing and therefore large quantities but these days there are a range of digital synthetic stocks making it affordable to print smaller quantities.

If you don’t need something as hard wearing and are looking for the most cost effective option we recommend white or coloured system board in 150 to 300gsm.


Quantities under about 500 tags will be more suited to digital printing and therefore printed in 4 colour process (CMYK).

Larger quantities would be printed offset so you have the option of printing 4 colour process (CMYK) or in Pantone (PMS) inks. A benefit of selecting pantone inks are the vibrant and florescent colours that can be achieved which are perfect for making the tags stand out.

Safety tags can be printed single or double sided.

Numbering & Perforating

Adding sequential numbering to your safety tags adds another level of traceability and accountability.

Use perforated stubs to enhance record keeping and ensure procedures are being carefully adhered to.


Eyelets are a recommended option to increase the durability of your safety tags and ensure they can be fastened to equipment as securely as possible. We use 8mm steel plated eyelets as standard and have them available in 10mm diameter also.

We offer Brass eyelets with an 8mm diameter but due to the extra cost only recommend these for tags that will be used outdoors for a prolonged period of time.

For the highest quality custom safety tags at the best possible price contact the experts at G Force Printing today to discuss your requirements.