Pre start checklist books are the best way to guarantee equipment is safe to operate before use.

They’re a fast and simple way to record the condition of equipment and hold operators accountable for maintaining it, ensuring the safety of your workers in the workplace.

G Force Printing have printed over 46,500 customised prestart checklist books in the last decade so you can rely on our experienced team to design and print them quickly and accurately.

We’ve printed many different kinds of pre-start checklist books including:

  • Equipment pre-start inspection checklists
  • Vehicle / Light vehicle pre-start checklists
  • Daily drill pre start checklists / Maintenance Logs
  • Daily Crane / Slewing & non-slewing crane pre start checklists
  • Forklift pre-start checklists
  • Bus pre-start checklists
  • Daily trailer & dolly pre start checklists
  • Telehandler / Backhoe daily prestart checklists
  • Return to work pre-start checklist / assessment
  • Service vehicle prestart checklists
  • Plant pre-start checklists

Our pre start checklist books are printed on NCR paper which automatically copies the completed checklist through to the sheets below it without the need for carbon sheets between pages. This is essential for accurate record keeping.

NCR books can be customised with a range of options including:

  • Page colours (white, pink, green, blue, yellow)
  • Numbering & perforating
  • Full colour or spot colour printing on one or both sides
  • Soft or hard cover (quarterbinding) books or glued pads
  • Duplicate, triplicate, 4-part or 5-part
  • Size (DL, A5, A4, A3 or custom)

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