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Digital printing is a relatively new method of printing. Printing digital has been around for a couple of decades but it’s only in the last few years the technology has exploded onto the market due to improvements to its quality and functionality.

It doesn’t require printing plates which means printing digital reduces the set up time and cost, significantly making digital printing much more suitable for clients wanting small quantities of business stationery, flyers, stickers, business cards, envelopes, posters and referral pads and short runs of jobs which have multiple different paper pages such as booklets, magazines and annual reports. Contact our expert print team to find out how digital printing can meet your business needs.

Originally digital printing only produced full colour or black only printing but the latest digital printing machines on the market such as our RICOH Pro C7100X include innovative new capabilities such as a 5th colour station that can print in high quality white and a clear gloss varnish. The white looks very effective on clear or coloured media and the clear spot gloss can be used to highlight a certain image or multiple images, create a clear watermark or emulate the effect of spot UV or a metallic foil.

Contact us for quality digital printing in Perth or to enquire about the wide range of print services G Force Printing offer such as offset printing and large format printing. Our print service solutions utilize the latest technology and can be tailored to meet any company requirement.

Some further stand-out features of our digital printing services include:

  • An impressive print speed of up to 5000 pages printed per hour
  • Exceptional image quality of up to 4800 dpi
  • The ability to print on thick paper stocks up to 360gsm
  • Printed sheet sizes up to 330 x 700 (perfect for 6pp A4 brochures and A4 landscape booklets)

Digital Printing Services in Perth, Western Australia

If you are unsure if digital printing is the right choice for your project, contact, phone or email our expert team of printers who will be more than happy to guide you and provide professional advice. As we have a range of digital, offset printing and wide format printing available you can rest assured that you’ll get unbiased, professional advice on which print solutions are the most suitable and cost effective based on the unique needs and time requirements of your business.

Contact, phone or email our expert team of printers in Perth, Western Australia or view our range of printing services such as offset printing, banner printing, business cards, large format printing and more. No matter what your print requirements are, the expert team of printers at G Force Printing are here to help for all your printing needs.