Looking for a traditional marketing technique that’s almost guaranteed to boost your exposure? Check out the range of feather flag and teardrop banners at G Force Printing in Perth today!

Flag banners and teardrop flags are an effective and attractive way to increase interest, thanks to their bright colours and unique shape and movement. Easily read from either side and made to be simple, there’s no installation or tools required – simply snap them together and place them outside your location in a heavily trafficked area. That’s it!

Our customisable flags and banners are the perfect eye-catching exposure you require to succeed – so please contact us via phone or email and let’s get creative to find the perfect banner for you! Whether you have a design in mind or you want to utilise the Perth-based G Force design team, we guarantee you'll love the results.

One of the best parts of our teardrop flag banners are their amazing versatility. Flags and banners provide the perfect high quality, cost-effective marketing option for:

  • Any business or industry that wants more traffic
  • Booths or stalls at fairs, festivals or markets
  • Specials, promotions or sales events
  • An open house and other real estate events
  • Grand openings and re-openings
  • Hiring events
  • Product launch announcements
  • Special events (i.e. concerts, shows, parades, etc.)
  • Enhancing brand awareness
  • And so much more

Our teardrop banner options and teardrop flags appeal to every demographic without being expensive or inconvenient. That means that any and every business, event and industry can benefit from investing in this type of sign! Get your customised banners and flags today and enjoy 1 of the most effective and durable marketing products around.

Benefits of flag banners and teardrop banner options

Choosing the right marketing campaign is important. Digital campaigns can get costly and are often short-lived, mail campaigns can be time-consuming, and some more traditional marketing methods – such as billboards – require third parties to set up due to their size. Our solution? Customisable print flags and banners!

Here at G Force Printing in Perth, we provide a huge range of customisable feather flags and teardrop banners available to order to help display your information, boost your visibility and stand out from the crowd – but that’s not all they have to offer.

Feather flags and teardrop banners are a great way to augment the delivery of your marketing campaign because:

  • They provide greater reach with 24/7 advertising at your chosen location.
  • You'll save on the price of advertising, as banners and flags are a long-lasting, more affordable alternative to other forms of marketing, especially digital advertising.
  • They're easy to assemble for a quick setup. They're freestanding design also means you won’t require any tools, drills or nails – simply snap the base, pole/spike and frame together and your banner is ready.
  • They don’t take up much space and can fit in even the smallest areas (depending on their height and size of the base); their streamlined design makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • They're extremely lightweight and portable, which allows you to choose the optimal ground placement location and easily relocate if needed.
  • You can store them when not being used by simply removing the banner and folding up the poles until you need them back again.
  • We provide completely customisable teardrop flags and banner options, including various fabric choices, durable banner pole, colours, heights, sizes and shapes. We'll also work with you to create completely unique teardrop banners and flag designs that are sure to make your business or event information stand out.
  • With their unique design, customizable bases (e.g inground spike base or cross base), size options, vibrant colours and gentle movement, our teardrop flag and banners are more visible than other advertisement options. You're much more likely to catch people’s attention with our dynamic and enticing banner and flag options than with anything else as information can be displayed on the front and back of the banner
  • They're durable and long-lasting even when used outdoors for long periods.
  • Single sided and double sided options
  • Easy to use carry bag & portable bases

Our Perth-based team is happy to help you learn more about our range of custom teardrop banners and flag banners. Stop by or get in contact with us via phone or email today to learn more about how our printed marketing products available to order can help you attract more interest in your business, service or event.

Need Printing? Choose G Force

Looking for high-quality single sided and double sided teardrop flag banners for your business or event in Perth to attract new customers? Our G Force Printing experts are here to help!

Visibility is crucial to your business or event and we can assist you maximise your marketing impact with our comprehensive range of customisable banners and other printing products. Our flag banners and teardrop banners offer a unique touch of fun and excitement, something that everyone can enjoy no matter their age or taste!

Banners and flags are printed to your exact specifications using our in-house printing operations. We use extremely durable and weather-resistant materials for our flag banners and teardrop banners, as well as UV inks that won't fade, run or emit harmful gas and odour pollution. That means that your promotional flag sign will not only look fantastic and last for a long period, but it will also be good for the environment.

Whether you choose to supply your own artwork or make use of our expert in-house design team, we promise you a flawless, professional finished product. Please contact us today via phone or email for pricing quotes or to learn more information about our wide range of marketing products available in Perth, Western Australia. With Australia wide delivery, we're able to handle all your flag banner & sign requirements, no matter how small or large!